Data Platform

Quality data is foundational to the RPX Empower platform and requires synergy between great data on litigation, patents, and parties. Our best-in-class patent litigation data and normalized corporate hierarchies relevant to IP assets, particularly on NPE relationships and affiliations, are unmatched in the industry. Our comprehensive data on worldwide patents includes full text, patent prosecution, assignments, and standards. This great data is combined with the best-in-class analytics and AI-assisted tools that help visualize key trends and statistics, as well as in-depth analysis from our in-house experts to publish proprietary value-added content in the form of hand-analyzed decisions, entity profiles and relationships on NPEs and Third-Party Litigation Funders, news articles, and reports.

Patent Data

Empower Patent Analytics includes complete data on worldwide patents, US patent assignments, secondary market transaction data, prosecution filings, citations, technical standards, and standard essential patent declarations. Specific high value attributes are extracted and standardized to create a clean, rich, and well-connected core patent data set that enables high-quality analysis.
  • Global patent collection
  • US patent assignments and reexams
  • Patent Center prosecution data
  • SEP declarations and contributions


Worldwide Patents


Patent Assignments


Declared SEPs


Prosecution Files

Litigation Data

Empower Litigation Defense provides a full view of US and Chinese patent litigation combined with thorough analysis by legal professionals who track and manage corporate hierarchies, NPE relationships, and other party attributes.
  • DC, PTAB, ITC, CAFC, Unified Patent Court, China
  • Claim level outcomes
  • Claim construction & term definitions
  • Secondary market data


US District Court Cases


PTAB, ITC, and Reexam Matters


CAFC and Sup Court Appeals


Chinese Litigations


A suite of sophisticated AI and ML-based tools can provide both depth as well as scale in your analyses. Use patent similarity to assess a patent with respect to the evolution of its underlying technology or employ Empower Patent Analytics' proprietary patent level and assignee level scores and metrics to assess litigation risk and economize review time. Litigation docket attributes on Empower Litigation Defense allow you to save time on research and focus on the strategic decision making.
  • Technology classifiers and text clusters
  • Scores, metrics, predicted litigation risk
  • Similar assets
  • Suggested prior art


Patent Scores and Metrics


Assignee Scores and Metrics


ML Classifiers


Litigation Docket Attributes

Analytics and Expert Analysis

The completeness, accuracy, and consistency of our patent and litigation data enables the finest analytics tools on district court litigation, PTAB petitions, market sectors, assignees, patent transactions, and SEP declarations. Our team of in-house experts tracks and analyzes our data to publish proprietary reports, profiles, news articles, blog posts, and webinars on key events and topics.
  • Curated patent landscapes
  • Assignee and transaction analytics
  • NPE profiles, campaign assessments, and news articles
  • Prior art search reports


NPE Profiles


News Articles


Litigation Campaign Assessments


Prior Art References

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