Litigation Strategy

An effective litigation strategy often depends on a strong analysis of the asserted patents. With Empower Patent Analytics, you can get access to a powerful roster of rich patent data, analysis tools, risk scores, and seamless integration with Empower Litigation Defense – the most powerful litigation intelligence platform – to help you each step of the way to successfully defend your organization in litigation.

Analyze a Patent’s Disposition

Effective risk assessment requires a deep understanding of the patents being litigated. Empower Patent Analytics provides unprecedented details at the patent level, including global families, citation graphs, assignment history, prosecution records, litigation history, and more. All the context you need is available in a single place which obviates the need for research on multiple third-party sources.

Formulate a Powerful Litigation Strategy

With unrivaled machine learning and hand-analyzed data, the most comprehensive, detailed, and accurate intelligence is available to you through Empower Litigation Defense. Capture a full view of US patent litigation with coverage in District Court, PTAB, ITC, Federal Circuit, Supreme Court, and Reexaminations, all updated nearly-instantaneously. Market-leading analytics tools, news, and reporting uncover key intelligence and inform your litigation strategy. View related litigations brought by the same plaintiff to grasp the overarching strategy affecting any individual litigation. Uncover key details about your adversary, such as its affiliations, patent acquisitions, litigation history, and whether it is an NPE.

Preempt Litigation Risk

Assess industry trends and NPE activities, including news articles, litigation assessments, patent assignment tracking, and new patent filings to reduce risk. Uncover information to reduce your risk of litigation and unfavorable outcomes. Monitor recent patent assignments involving specific patents, parties, or market sectors to preempt risk. Assess and manage NPE risk with detailed and accurate NPE tags and filters throughout Empower Litigation Defense.

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