Litigation Defense

Empower Litigation Defense brings unrivaled machine intelligence and hand-analyzed data together to create a competitive edge. In-depth intelligence covering litigations, patents, parties, and much more combine seamlessly with analytics, news, and reporting to enable the most complete analysis and decision making.

Litigation Research

With unrivaled machine learning and hand-analyzed data, the most comprehensive, detailed, and accurate intelligence is available to you through RPX Empower.

Capture a full view of US patent litigation with coverage in District Court, PTAB, ITC, Federal Circuit, Supreme Court, and Reexaminations, all updated nearly-instantaneously
View patent details, including patent disposition, litigation history, assignment history, and claims
Analyze parties, including corporate hierarchies, litigation history, and hand-crafted litigation assessments
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Litigation Strategy

Market-leading analytics tools, news, and reporting uncover key intelligence and inform your litigation strategy.

View related litigations brought by the same plaintiff to grasp the overarching strategy affecting any individual litigation
Uncover key details about your adversary, such as its affiliations, patent acquisitions, litigation history, and whether it is an NPE
Formulate a winning strategy based on motion outcomes against an assigned judge or at a venue with detailed decision histories

Risk Analysis

Assess industry trends and NPE activities, including news articles, litigation assessments, patent assignment tracking, and new patent filings to reduce risk.

Uncover information to reduce your risk of litigation and unfavorable outcomes
Formulate a winning strategy based on motion outcomes against an assigned judge or at a venue with detailed decision histories
Assess and manage NPE risk with detailed and accurate NPE tags and filters throughout Empower Litigation Defense

Business Development

Stay up to date on trends impacting your organization, your clients, or prospective clients to identify business development opportunities.

Track new case filings to develop client leads
Utilize presentation-ready analytics exploring historical judge, venue, law firm, and attorney data to provide great results for your clients
Identify opportunities pointed at specific market sectors, parties, or patents

Active Matter Management

Obtain a consolidated view of your organization’s ongoing patent litigation to quickly access important documents, monitor filings, and make strategic decisions.

Streamline management of your active cases to save time and prevent inaccuracies
Quickly visualize your organization’s litigation history to make strategic, cost-saving decisions
Obtain instantaneous alerts for case-related developments including new docket filings


Effortlessly monitor litigations, groups of related litigations, parties, patents, assignments, and much more.

Monitor parties for new litigations and updates to existing matters, patent assignments, subsidiary activities, and more
Track related litigations as they progress, settle, and/or close with easy to set automated email notifications
Stay on top of recent industry trends, notable litigation events, and patent transactions with Empower leading news and reporting
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