Market Intelligence

Empower Patent Analytics can be a valuable resource for gaining market intelligence and making investment decisions in research and development that align with your overall business strategy. Identify emerging trends and technologies through a thorough analysis of patent landscapes, gather competitive intelligence, track ownership changes and the movement of patents in the secondary market, and get a firm grasp on the world of standard essential patents (SEPs).

A New Way to Create and Visualize Patent Landscapes

Get a bird’s eye view of a broad industry or narrow technology area through ‘Collections’ on Empower Patent Analytics. Powered by our machine-learning classifiers that can mine relevant patents using advanced natural language processing techniques, combined with the deepest patent, litigation, and secondary market data, Collections can provide the most comprehensive understanding of patents, key players, competitive landscape, emerging technologies, and potential infringement risks to inform decision-making related to IP strategy and R&D investments.

Track NPE Activity and Patent Movement In Your Space

Stay on top of patent assignments within your technology area using Assignment Analytics on Empower Patent Analytics. Preempt potential future litigation risk by tracking patent acquisitions by NPEs or divestitures by universities, analyze what portion of an assignee’s portfolio is acquired vs. originally assigned, and visualize an entity’s relationships with other entities through its acquisition and divestiture trends. Effortlessly monitor litigations, groups of related litigations, parties, patents, assignments, and much more on Empower Litigation Defense. Stay on top of recent industry trends, notable litigation events, and patent transactions with RPX’s leading news and reporting.

Navigate the World of Standard Essential Patents

Access to standard essential patents (SEPs) can help achieve compliance with industry standards, avoid infringement lawsuits, and gain a competitive advantage. SEP Analytics in Empower Patent Analytics can help better understand the technology landscape of SEPs related to various technical standards such as cellular generations and content formats. Or use advanced search features to mine relevant standard documents or standard contributions.

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