Portfolio Management

Empower Patent Analytics helps you strategically manage your company’s patent portfolio to maximize its value and impact on your business. Quickly make decisions about which inventions to pursue patent prosecution for, which patents to maintain once they have been granted, and which patents to use to create value for the company through licensing, litigation, or other monetization strategies.

Identify Abandonment-worthy Patents

Empower Patent Analytics helps you identify abandonment-worthy assets within your patent portfolio. With a workflow that makes it easy to quickly list patents coming up for renewal, and spot relatively lower-value assets using our AI-generated metrics and scores on a variety of patent attributes, including citations, claim breadth, and examination thoroughness, save both significant time in analysis and significant costs in portfolio maintenance.

Spot and Analyze Your Most Valuable Assets

Support a strong defensive patent strategy and spot potential licensing opportunities using Empower Patent Analytics. Along with our AI-generated patent attributes that help identify strong patents, the ‘Portfolios’ tool provides a host of annotations in the form of star ratings, technology tags, rich text notes, and more, allowing you to record and quickly surface your most valuable assets within any context.

Benchmark Portfolio Against Peers

With Assignee Analytics on Empower Patent Analytics, you can easily visualize the entire global patent portfolio of any peer or competitor and benchmark your own company’s portfolio against it. It also helps you identify opportunities for strategic patent acquisition or licensing, as well as potential risks and threats to your patent position.

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