Patent Licensing

Empower Patent Analytics enables deep and efficient analysis of target portfolios to make the right business decision, for patent acquisitions, inbound licensing, or outbound licensing. Once a deal is executed, Empower License Manager provides all the tools you need to record and keep track of rights, restrictions, and obligations.

All Patent Context in One Place

Deep portfolio analysis starts with a deep understanding of the underlying patents. Empower Patent Analytics combines high-quality and standardized patent data with rich interactive visualizations to bring you unprecedented details at the patent level, including families, citations, assignments, prosecution, litigation, and more.

Record and Share your Analysis

‘Portfolios’ in Empower Patent Analytics enable deeper analysis and workflows to easily aggregate, analyze, and visualize the underlying patent data and related events. A host of annotations in the form of star ratings, technology tags, rich text notes, and more, allow you to record and surface analysis at the claim, patent, or portfolio level.

Keep Track of License Agreements

Empower License Manager allows you to efficiently record and manage patent license rights, keep track of license terms, restrictions, as well as deal related obligations including renewals, royalty payments, and others. Easily upload key documents related to the underlying contract and share deal information with legal, finance, and portfolio teams.

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